About Gerbs Board Games

In 2021, I (Gerbrand) decided to start another activity in addition to my freelance job as a Scrum Master. A board game shop. The two activities are directly and indirectly related.
As a scrum master, I guide teams on their path to efficiency, collaboration, trust, processes, … within the Scrum framework. To do this, I use existing board and card games to market certain concepts or novelties. This gave me the idea to use it to organize team-building events as well, and from there came the idea to set up a webshop. This was due to customer demand to purchase games directly from me. Since 2022, I have been promoting my shop and team building more.


In 2023, I took the Serious Gamers course for a year. On December 15, 2023, I proudly received the Serious Game Certificate.

I really believe that through a game you can teach people new things more quickly or let them experiment with them.


I would love to come along for your next team building with my serious games bag.

serious game facilitator certificate

Our Mission

Inspiring and helping teams through serious games.



Our Vision

More play at work to teach teams new things while playing, conduct experiments, gain insights, and so much more.