50 enchantingly exciting riddles full of magic.

At the rainbow stories, you feel the magic around you. Whether zealous elves, fantastic fairies or elegant unicorns, magical things happen in these enchantingly exciting riddle stories. The scintillating secrets behind it can only be unraveled by asking questions, guessing and puzzling.

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What you need?

Curiosity, a good sleuth and imagination!

Rainbow stories
You can play in pairs or with a whole group of friends. On your own, it is not as much fun because you need someone who knows the solution and can answer questions. That person is the“magic master. The other players are the“magic apprentices. After each solved riddle, you choose a new magic master.

The magic master picks up a card. He reads the riddle on the front out loud and shows the magic students the picture. The solution (how the situation arose) is on the back. He studies these without saying anything.

The magic students now take turns asking questions, solving the riddle step by step. In doing so, they must carefully memorize all the answers and directions given by the magic master. Of course, they may confer with each other and can always ask the magic master for the
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read to them again.

The magic master uses the text of the solution to answer his fellow players’ questions.

Sometimes it can happen that you have a
rainbow story
don’t understand. Then just take another card and ask an adult for an explanation later.

The number of stars you see on the bottom right of the front of each card indicates how easy or difficult the riddle is.

* = an easy riddle for beginners.
** = a tricky riddle for advanced students.
*** = a very difficult riddle for super smart people.

A game variant for riddle geniuses with extra imagination: If you want to make the game even harder, try asking only questions that the magic master can answer with a clear “yes” or “no. Each player may then continue asking until he or she gets the answer “no. And if you don’t find that hard enough, you can also look the other way when the magic master shows the picture. Because there are often clues in there!

Text: Corinna Harder
Illustrations: Helmut Kollars
Layout & setting: Kirsten Küsters
Editor: Anna Hahn
Final editing: Tanja Mues

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