200 cards, obvious game rules.

Goal of the game

Be the first player to collect 10 shit happens cards.

For the game

Each player takes 3 shit happens cards and places them in front of them. Arrange the cards in number order, from left to right. This marks the beginning of your agony. You only need 7 cards left to win.

Playing the game

The player who is man enough to start takes a card for the person to his/her left and shows it, without showing the number.

To win a card, the neighbor must guess between which cards on his/her agony the card should be placed.

Shit happens cards are divided into 3 parts:


The misery index


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What is the misery index? It is the ranking system running from 0 to 100 established by specialists. Some situations are fairly mild (like dropping your hot syrup waffle) and others are quite problematic (like finding a dead hooker in your bed).

Imagine the following card: “Accidentally watching your parents sex tape”

Where would you place it in your agony? A, B, C or D?

agony example
  • You don’t have to guess the exact number of the misery index to win. What you have to do is guess between which cards the number lies.
  • If you guessed correctly, you may add the card to your agony.
  • If you guessed wrong, the person to your left gets to guess where this card fits into his/her own agony. If the person is wrong, the next player gets to guess, etc.
  • When everyone at the table has been allowed to guess and no one has guessed correctly, the reader gets to keep the card and add it to his/her agony.

If the card is won, the player to the left of the reader may take a new card and read it to the player to his/her left, and so on.

The more cards you add to your agony, the smaller the intervals between cards become and the harder it becomes to correctly estimate the next cards. Stay focused on your opponents’ answers. Their mistakes are hints to you.


End of the game

The game ends when a player has 10 cards. That one is the winner.



To get a good representation of the mock situation, it is important for the reader to show the illustration on the card (while the number is covered)