Make it clear to your fellow players what word you have in mind. Not by drawing or depicting anything this time, but by placing cubes on the game board! In addition, there is only one important ground rule: silence. Thanks to Concept, you no longer have to talk to communicate . By combining universal icons, you can get others to guess hundreds of objects, titles and people!

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In Concept, your goal is to guess words by the association of icons. A team of two players - neighbors at the table - chooses a word or phrase for the other players to guess. Working together, this team judiciously places pieces on the available icons on the game board.

For example, to get others to guess "milk," the team can place the question mark icon (indicating the main concept) on the liquid icon and then place cubes of this color on the "food/drink" and "white" icons. . For a more complicated concept, such as "Leonardo DiCaprio," the team can use the main concept and its matching cubes to point players to the hidden expression of being an actor or director, while then using subconcept icons and their matching cubes to give clues to particular films in which DiCaprio starred, such as Titanic or Inception.

The first player to discover the word or phrase gets 2 victory points, the team also gets points, and the player with the most points wins.

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