Hanabi is a cooperative deduction card game where you see your opponent’s cards but not your own. You may only give each other a limited number of hints with the goal of completing each species in order together. Sounds simple, but it certainly isn’t!

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Hanabi, named after the Japanese word for "fireworks," is a cooperative game in which players try to create the perfect fireworks show by placing cards on the table in the correct order. (In Japanese, hanabi is written as 花火; these are the ideograms flower and fire, respectively.)

The deck consists of five different colors of cards, numbered from 1-5 in each color. For each color, players try to place a row in the correct order from 1-5. Sounds easy, right? Well, not quite, because in this game you keep your cards so that they are visible only to other players. To help other players play a card, give them hints about the numbers or colors of their cards. Players must act as a team to avoid mistakes and finish the fireworks before the cards run out.

There is also an additional set of cards, rainbow colored, for advanced or variant play.

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