Zombie Dawn

In Zombie Dawn, players are both survivors and zombies at the same time. The game has a very high replayability due to a large number of characters, missions and action cards. The game is also solo playable.

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Sometimes survival depends on a single choice: fight or flight....

It's been three days since your brother went to town to find provisions and he still hasn't returned. A ranger warns you that a disturbing outbreak has occurred, but you don't believe him until the moment a foolish hiker attacks him without you being able to stop him. Similar people pop up from behind the trees and come your way. You walk away and leave the ranger to his fate.

What was supposed to be a quiet weekend of camping turned into a nightmare.

Zombie Dawn is a game revolving around survival and is playable with 1 to 4 players. You play both with a group of survivors and with the zombies that are out to get your opponents. You play at any time, both during your turn and during your opponents' turn. Search the different locations of the different maps, amass weapons, medicine and food to become stronger than your opponents. Only then will you be able to face all the dangers that come your way.

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