Happy New Year

First of all, I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, and playful 2024. 😚

The past year has flown by again. For me, it was a year in which I learned a lot, expanded my network, and, above all, had a lot of fun.

2023 was the year in which I focused on making my team building activities more visible. I have attended a lot of conferences and networking events in which I explained these team-building activities. I will continue this in 2024, and this time, I will not only explain but also give an interactive workshop at conferences or play short games from my team-building backpack to provide a preview.

The following conferences/networking events are already on the agenda:

      • Agile Consortium Belgium ( Feb)
      • Walkie Talkie (Feb)
      • Play in Business (Jun)
      • Agile Tour Brussels (Oct)
      • XP Days Benelux (Nov)

This list will be completed in the coming month.

In addition to networking, I have also become wiser by making mistakes and blunders. Also, in this new year, I will make mistakes and blunders, but I don’t see this as something negative. We can only grow and improve by making mistakes and learning from them. This way I will improve my marketing skills and implement them better 😀.

A realized goal of 2023 was to obtain my “Serious Game Facilitator” diploma. For this, I followed a one-year course from Serious Gamers. A wonderful experience that I will not soon forget. And I will proudly hang this in my office. 🥳

serious game facilitator certificate

Professionally I had a lot of fun. Such as facilitating a number of fun team buildings, discovering new games, meeting new people, and having unexpected game-facilitating moments.

We will, of course, continue this in this new year.

This year I will further expand the site for the webshop and add more content. Our offering will also be expanded somewhat with specific games for teams, but also new games that we have discovered in recent months.

During the month of January, I will be putting a number of games on sale every week; follow the Facebook page to find out which ones, or check the webshop regularly.

I would especially like to thank you for your trust over the past year. Let’s continue this in 2024.

Playful regards,



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