Hoe speel je cahoots?

Collaboration is central in Cahoots!
Complete the assignment cards with 4 cards placed in 4 piles next to each other. Please note that you may only play cards that match the color or number of the previous card on the pile. Work together and complete all assignments without discussing what each player has in hand.

Can you make all the piles purple or orange? Or make the value of all cards exactly 10?

Game equipment

56 number cards & 54 assignment cards.

Cahoots front
Goal of the game

In this cooperative game, all players work together in a team, and you try to complete all assignment cards with 4 number cards on the table; 1 or more assignment cards must be met. Players take turns placing a card on 1 of the 4 piles. The card you place down must always have the same color or number as the card you place it on top of. Complete all assignment cards before the game ends. Cahoots is a real challenge because you are not allowed to discuss with each other!

    1. Shuffle the number cards and deal 4 cards face down to each player. (The player may look at his own cards, but not show them to the other players)
    2. Then place 4 number cards face up next to each other on the table. These are the 4 piles where cards must be placed during the game.
    3. Make a face-down draw pile of the remaining number cards.
    4. Shuffle the assignment cards and place them face down on the table. The number of assignment cards to complete depends on the number of players and the difficulty level. (see column below)
    5. Make a face-down draw pile from the assignment cards. Take 4 assignment cards and place them face up next to each other on the table.

2-3 players
4 players






If assignment cards are immediately completed when you reveal them due to the number of cards that are already face up on the table, you may immediately place them on the discard pile for completed assignment cards and take a new assignment card from the draw pile.

Game play

The player who last ate something orange goes first. The players then take their turns clockwise. Each player must play a card from their hand during their turn. The player places this card on 1 of the 4 cards on the table. The card must have the same color and/or the same number as 1 of the 4 cards on the table. The player then replenishes his hand to 4 cards.

The assignment card(s) completed during a turn are placed on a discard pile with assignment cards. The number of assignment cards on the table is replenished to 4. It is the next player’s turn if none of the 4 assignment cards have been completed.


Multiple assignment cards can be completed in 1 turn. it is also possible that an assignment card is completed immediately after turning over the assignment card. In both cases, the assignments are completed and are placed on the discard pile.

An assignment card is only completed when the assignment has been fully fulfilled. For example, if you need to have 3 green cards on the table for an assignment, this means that there must be exactly 3 green cards visible on the table. If multiple colors are listed on an assignment card, at least 1 of the colors must be met to complete the assignment.

The players may look at the piles of played cards to see which number cards have already been played by the players.

What can be discussed

During the game, players may never reveal the numbers or colors of their own cards. Calling numbers or colors in your hand is strictly prohibited! Outside of that, you are allowed to communicate which cards you want to play or which assignment cards can be completed.

What may be discussed:
“Don’t play that card”
“I have the right card for the deck”
“I can complete this assignment card”

End of the game

The game ends when one of the following conditions is met:

You have won if…

All assignment cards have been completed and are in the discard pile. Congratulations! You worked well together and beat the game. Time for a bigger challenge!

You have lost if…

The draw pile is empty, and the players can no longer lay down cards, or a player can no longer take his turn, and not all assignments have been completed.

You have been defeated by the game! Try again. Shuffle all number and assignment cards and start the game again with the preparation.

Game variants

Fast Cahoots
Set a timer for 4 minutes. Try to complete all assignment cards within the time limit. In fast Cahoots, players do not have to follow the player order, and you can always place a card.

Silent Cahoots
Make it even harder: Don’t discuss anything at all during the game.

Mini Cahoots
If you play with younger players, you can relax the rules about what you can say during the game. The game can also be played with the cards face up on the table.

Game Design: Ken Gruhl
Illustrations: Irina Pechenkina
Graphic design: Marco Terpstra
Dutch translation: Brigitte Den Hartog
Final editing: Elise Gielen
Project Manager: Jonny de Vries

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