Codenames: Disney

The Disney Family Edition of Codenames combines the popular social word game with some of Disney’s most beloved properties of the past 90 years. With both graphics and words, it’s family fun for Disney fans of all ages.Codenames: Disney Family Edition retains the Codenames gameplay, featuring characters and locations from more than 90 years of Disney and Pixar films…

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Two teams compete to be the first to find all their Disney cards from their key card. Only the game leader of each team knows which cards the rest of the team will have to find. The game leaders give a clue in the form of a code word and it is up to you to point out the correct Disney cards. Be careful to use a good code word and not accidentally help the other team. Be the first to find all the treasures and your team wins the game!

Whether you win or lose Codenames, deciphering the clues is a challenge. Add the magic of Disney to Codenames and you have a new adventure!

  • 200 Disney cards
  • 60 key cards - 20 easy and 40 difficult
  • 25 cover cards - 8 blue, 8 red, 7 neutral, 1 extra and 1 end of game
  • 1 card standard
  • game rules

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