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The two rival secret services know the secret identities of the 25 spies. Their teammates know these spies only by their code names.

Both teams will compete with each other and try to be the first to make contact with their spies. Each head of the secret service gives clues by naming one word that relates to several are on the table. His teammates try to guess the words of their color without pointing out opponent spies. And, of course, everyone wants to stay away from the hitman.

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The new party game! A huge hit abroad, the No. 1 party game on BoardGameGeek - now available in a Dutch-language edition!

A unique word game where players must find associations with words. Using one word, try to devise a clue that hits multiple words on the table, allowing your fellow players to score lots of points quickly. High replayability: 400 different words, of which only 25 are used in a game each time so that the association's players can make will always be different! It is a game for two teams (of unlimited size) but also contains rules for 2 or 3 players. A true Dutch-language version! There is no 1-to-1 translation of the International version, but....words that are unique to the Netherlands and Belgium (place names, culture, food, and drink), words that have multiple meanings in Dutch, and words that capture the imagination in our language or fit into different categories.

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