Open Hearted – Team Spirit (EN)

Strengthen the bond, dare to trust each other, feel the team spirit and be surprised.

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You have one goal ..., but how strong is your bond and how well do you work together? With Candid Team Spirit, you and your teammates can discover this surprisingly and playfully.

More than 100 inspiring questions and assignments challenge you to be open, trust each other, get to know each other better and strengthen your bond.

You take turns tapping a card with a question or task such as:

If you could do any of your team members, what would you wish and for whom?
Look at your team members and share the group; Hear, see and be silent.
Mount the new cabinet. You are the prime minister, who will be the foreign minister,
Those of finance, justice, defense or education ...?
What would you change first if you were ultimately responsible for this team?

These and many other questions and assignments offer surprising answers, deep reflections, discoveries, team spirit and most importantly ... lots of fun together. Be surprised, strengthen your bond and become even more successful. This dynamic game is for two or more players and can be played within any group, club or company. Play openly for true team spirit, but above all for lots of fun together.

This is the English version!

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