The Werewolves of Wakkerdam

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Werewolves of Wakkerdam is a game to play with many people that is a blast at parties. Peaceful citizens fight werewolves mixed in among them. But exactly who is a werewolf is not really clear. Will the citizens succeed in unmasking the werewolves or will they accidentally eliminate innocent fellow villagers as well?
During the game, a moderator is in charge. Each player is given a role to play. They can be ordinary citizens or werewolves, as well as special characters such as the witch, the hunter or the innocent girl. Each character has a special characteristic. At night, the moderator asks everyone to close their eyes and then summons the characters, each of whom is allowed to perform their trait. The werewolves eliminate a civilian at the end of the night. When day returns, the citizens hold a meeting to discuss the events of the previous night. Then they get to try to take out a werewolf. But the werewolves are also in that meeting, and so making a decision is not easy.
Werewolves of Wakkerdam is a perfect game for at children's parties, camping trips and basically any time when you are with a lot of people together. The game will certainly be successful if you can use candles or a campfire to create a mysterious atmosphere.

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