Wurst Case Scenario

Something went wrong at the sausage factory and a batch of bad sausages was produced. They tossed these sausages on the conveyor belt toward the meat processor, but there the sausages came to life, running for their lives to escape a certain death.

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At the beginning of the game, you get two secret identities (only 1 with 5 or 6 players). Each turn, you play one of your three hand cards and then draw a new one. The cards allow you to move the sausages (including those of other players). There are also cards with Major Mustard and Mrs. Mayonnaise that can throw the plans into a bit of disarray. In addition, the wonderfully beautiful Miss Ketchup will also be keeping an eye out.

When everyone has had their turn, the conveyor belt is set in motion and all the sausages move toward the meat processor. Then a new round begins with a new starting player. Eventually, the sausages will fall into the meat processor one by one. If you have the last sausage still alive, you are the winner of the game. So it may be that your sausages have already fallen into the meat processor, but then you just keep playing.

Indeed, once you are eliminated, you will be mostly busy planning your sweet revenge. The eliminated players try to create a situation where the last sausages on the belt fall together into the meat processor and then there is no winner. This really is the Worst Case Scenario! But this is not as simple as it seems. Who are the owners of the sausages on the conveyor belt and with whom do you need to cooperate to trigger the Worst Case Scenario?

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