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Aargh, it’s that time of year again. The company is organizing a team building. What will it be this year? Karting, paintball, laser shooting, escape room, walk in the woods, dinner, a party, cooking workshop, etc. All of these activities are fun, no doubt about it.
But at the end of team building, do you feel more connection with your team? Or are you more confident in the group?
The named activities above are also needed from time to time, but not everyone likes them or wants to participate in them.

That’s why we step in with our concept. “Putting more fun into functional!”
We bring a lot of board/card/dice games and more to the office. All this to learn new things and gain insights, build confidence, create openness, etc, in a playful and safe environment.
We work with team of 2 to 20 people. But also with groups larger than that. This does require more consultation beforehand.
The smaller the group, the better we can play specific games.

No matter the size of the group, we insist on having a fun, wonderful time together. In such a way, it doesn’t feel like you’re learning anything. We also provide some tips and tricks for using icebreakers during meetings or how to use game forms within the organization.
There are many advantages in playing creatively in the office.

“Research has found evidence that play at work is linked to less fatigue, boredom, stress and burnout in individual workers.

Play is also positively associated with job satisfaction, a sense of competence and creativity. Studies show that when a participant completes a task presented in a playful manner, they are more engaged and spend more time on the task.

Teams of employees can benefit from play through increased trust, bonding and social interaction, a sense of solidarity and a reduced sense of hierarchy. suggest that play at work can benefit entire organizations by creating a friendlier work atmosphere, greater employee engagement in work, more flexible organization-wide decision-making and more creativity in the organization.”

snake people game

With that background, we create an interactive team building that focuses on getting to know your team members, networking with each other, learning how to build trust and openness, making sure you have communication within the team, etc.

We create an environment where everyone feels safe to do the activities and learn from them. We have interactive, educational and inspiring games for the team. The team building is constructed based on the information we received from you in advance.

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